I'm Laurie Kellough.

From big businesses, budding startups and individual brands, it’s simple:
Organizations don’t change, people do. Change isn’t rooted in budget, strategy or procedure. Change is found in your actions, your people and your values.

Brand strategy with a twist and that wicked swoop of hair that no one can explain.

"I thrive on collisions"

After nearly two decades in the marketing and communications industry (from agencies to big businesses, you name it) I’ve come to learn that my career and lifelong goal is, and always has been, to connect with others. Every day I strive to learn, explore, ultimately, express with their communities and their clients even better than before. I thrive on collisions that lead to not only uplifting businesses, but people, too. And beyond all that, I simply want to get to know you.

Corporate Services

Brand story development

Facts, statistics and testimonials have their time and place–but storytelling is where you become memorable, maintain your authenticity and truly connect. Nothing beats a story that transports, simplifies, relates and gets people right in the feels.

Marketing strategy + execution

First comes strategy, then comes tactics. Reaching goals and results comes with cogs and gears that need to all click together to meet your execution. I’m here to make sure it all clicks. It’s ongoing and ever evolving to meet your targets and bring meaning to your messages and offerings.

Pitching + Proposals

New ideas are vulnerable, subject to immense critique. It’s the name of the game. Whether you’re talking to a company, a customer or a potential up-and-coming partner, you have to knock on both a person’s emotional strings, and their business objectives. Let me do the leg work so you can make an impact, drive new thoughts and close the deal.

Personal Services

Your brand

Who thinks that personal branding is a waste of time? You know what? I used to think that as well, but once I did this inside work and really figured out my values and what really mattered to me, my life took off. Whether you’re switching careers, starting a new chapter or wanted to fall in love with your current job, it’s never too late to establish your values, or write (or rewrite your story).

You’ve always known who you are and what you stand for, it’s about learning how to share your values and how you show up! Let’s get to the core of you.

Learn how to crush that big meeting, navigate that tough conversation with your boss, give meaningful feedback, stand behind your values and look the part, too:

  • Goals and values setting
  • Personal branding strategy and purpose
  • Style consulting
  • Public speaking and pitching
  • Professional development
  • Strategy execution and delivery

Sharing your personal values and stories can be difficult and, let’s be honest, a little scary. That is why I’m here with you the whole way, helping you build your content plans, post on social media and help you build your jaw-dropping presentation slide deck. You’ve only got one shot at this life, I’m here to help and got your back!


Expert strategist. A+ conversationalist.
Committed line dancer.

The then...

Late nights, stressful deadlines, game changing campaigns and a whole lot of love along the way. From joining one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, onto the second best places to work in Canada–I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by the best of the best, spending years on groundbreaking campaigns and solving complex industry challenges. I had the privilege of getting to know clients, families and business owners across Alberta and beyond to bring forward their unique, compelling stories. My co-workers were my greatest challengers, closest companions and my 30s were without a doubt one part exhausting, one part exhilarating.

The now...

A breath. A breath of spellbinding, perspective-changing approaches to this industry, the people it engages, and those who create the stories that bring us together–and, well, keep us together. My goal is to walk (or dance) into every room and energize it. I seek to connect with everyone from the barista at my favourite coffee shop, to the eager business owners I’m privileged to engage with every day. This next chapter is about you, and being able to guide you through your story in your voice.

The reason...

Pens, stamps, stationary, labels, price tags. My 1984 Christmas List. My mother, being the best dang woman she is, did her best to get me not only all those goodies, but to make sure little Laurie had her very own “Business Woman Package.” You could find me running around the house putting price tags on the chesterfield, the piano and on all my mother’s clothes (very obviously not for sale), and bringing her friend’s through the customer experience (and even the odd phone call survey to ensure their satisfaction), all I knew was that I loved it all from start to finish. Little did I know, I had established the customer experience and journey mapping before “customer experience” and “journey mapping” was even a thing.

I was six years old.

Ever since then there has been a fire in my belly, and 35 year later, it’s still very much there.